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Saved Me from a Ladder Fall

I like to do my own home repairs so it’s nothing for me to climb ladders up to the roof to inspect for damage. I needed to investigate Orland Park Chiropractors after my latest rooftop excursion, however, because I wasn’t paying attention as I climbed down. The next thing I know I could see the sun between my feet and then felt sharp pain as my back hit the ground. Getting up took a lot of effort. Breathing took even more effort. I felt my ribs and arms to see if anything was broken and didn’t think anything was.

The rest of the day was spent lying in bed praying I didn’t have internal injuries. Sleep was elusive, but the next morning was the worst. Getting out of bed to go to the bathroom was pure agony, agony even a hot shower didn’t ease. I started popping aspirins like crazy and that helped slightly, but once they wore off the pain came back in waves. I finally threw in the towel and went to the emergency room, but all I got there was a big bill and a recommendation to take it easy for a few days because I likely sprained my back.

Two days later and I knew I needed a chiropractor. This thing wasn’t going away. Work was impossible and even movement took a lot of planning and care. I got a friend to drive me to the office and waited to see the chiropractor. The chiropractor poked and prodded and said I’d need to come back in for four or five visits to see if you could relieve the issue. By the second appointment things were much improved. By the fifth my back only hurt when I bent down to pick something up or tie my shoes, and even then it was just a twinge. I’m healed!

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